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Meet singles from every walk of life

across the UK and beyond there are singles looking for other singles.
Whatever your ethnicity or religion, we’ll match you with singles who complement your personality and beliefs. We have members right across the world. The perfect match for you could be living just round the corner or the other side of town. Online dating has helped introduce thousands of compatible singles and discover how it could work for you, too.

Higher levels of compatibility

The old fashioned ways of dating, trying to catch the eye of someone you fancy in a shop, park or looking for a potential partner in your local bar – can be fun. But how can you possibly know if they’re truly compatible with you? Unless you bombard them with loads of question, but getting to know people by searching for them online with date-me online dating you will see if they are compatible .

About Online Dating

Online dating has been going for many years it started way back in the 80s through online bulletin boards and newsgroups before the Internet as we know it today, back then it was all text, no pictures, no clicking on icons to move about the online dating site. The online bulletin boards, forums and news groups were promoted by the Internet service providers AOL, Prodigy who offered online chat rooms, forums where singles with similar interests could communicate. The first major online dating site was and of which the later is still going today with millions of visitors, both these online sites was started by the same person back in 1994 and 1995 respectively, by the late 90s there were many more online dating sites the online market just exploded with over 20 major online dating sites operating on the web. Even today there is still a stigma attached to either newspaper or online dating but this stigma is rapidly reducing we now see online dating companies advertising on TV and radio. The online dating business is still growing now worth millions of dollars. A large Proportion of people looking on dating sites are singles looking for other singles of the opposite sex.


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